Leadership Breakfast

Each September, HENB organizes a free breakfast and planning session for all leaders/executive team members of all local support groups throughout New Brunswick.

2017 Leadership Breakfast

This year’s “Leadership Breakfast” was hosted in Moncton to encourage, provide support, but mostly to allow leaders to connect with other leaders from around the province and provide valuable feedback into the provincial organization. We shared that there have been changes as the Dept. of Education District Offices asking for more information from home educating families. Also, we shared the results from the home education survey and and the fact that we are going to partner with HSLDA to tackle post secondary education and attempt to lessen the requirements for graduates. We shared the great news that HENB is working on several MOU’s with post-secondary institutions that will provide scholarships and other perks for HENB member graduates and a quick track to enrollment at larger Universities. There is lots happening – and we appreciated the opportunity to hear the perspective of leaders from all across the province. A delicious meal was prepared by our president and his wife  and we welcomed the opportunity to spend the morning with home school group leaders at this year’s edition of the Leadership Breakfast!

2016 Leadership Breakfast

Delicious food and a relaxed, cozy atmosphere opened the way to great conversation at our Leadership Breakfast on November 26th at DaySpring in Rothesay. We discussed how to promote homeschooling events while maintaining privacy and protection for our children; athletic and scholastic opportunities with local Christian schools; our growing connection with the registrars and recruiters for post secondary institutions in NB; networking parents of special needs children; and future conference speakers, just to name a few.  A great suggestion for next year’s Leadership Breakfast is to have a break out group where local support group leaders can discuss ideas on how they run their groups, co-ops and events. A HUGE thank you to the ladies from Fundy Home Educators for hosting!

2015 Leadership Breakfast

This year’s leadership breakfast was held on Saturday, November 21st at 10am at the Hugh John Flemming Forestry Center in Fredericton.

Many changes (past and upcoming) were discussed, some of which involved the website, workshops for dads, newsletters, used curriculum forums and general plans to liaise with local chapters. Several issues were raised on how to improve our involvement with local chapters as well as how we can be more effective as an organization.

Please see the following link for the 2015 Leadership Breakfast Minutes


2014 Leadership Breakfast


  • Generating discussion about how HENB can improve and better support local support groups
  • Encouraging leaders as they guide their local chapters
  • Fostering connections and communication between local chapters
  • Sharing of ideas about activities, meeting topics and field trips that other chapters have tried






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HENB Leadership Breakfast September 2014