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Who can Become a Member?

Anyone home educating in the province of New Brunswick can become a member of HENB (regardless of religious affiliation). Anyone holding a position of leadership on HENB’s board must agree and adhere to our statement of faith.

How long are Memberships Valid for?

Memberships run from May 15th to May 14th the following year, regardless of when purchased.

Why Become A Member?

Reason #1: Becoming a member of HENB helps us provide a unified voice, should the government propose changes to the legislation and the Education Act. Home Educators of New Brunswick works closely with Home School Legal Defence (HSLDA), who exists to help defend your right to homeschool.

Reason #2: Becoming a member of HENB helps other home educating families in New Brunswick. We are regularly direct new homeschoolers looking to connect to local support groups and also help home educators across New Brunswick with difficulties they may be encountering with local school boards.

Reason #3: Home Education isn’t always a simple task, so we provide our members with multiple opportunities to be encouraged and learn something new. We offer this encouragement through monthly newsletters, professional development days and our annual conference.

Reason #4: Our members receive a membership card, which can be used to obtain teacher discounts at local stores.

Reason #5: The following discounts are available to members when registering for events.

How much is a Membership?

$30 per year. Please note that the 2019-2020 membership year is only $20 to account for the shortened membership year (Membership year was changed to go from mid May to mid May whereas before it went from September to August)

What Payment Methods are Available?

There are several payment methods including the following:

  • Paypal or other credit card (through our online Registration Form)
  • Paypal payment to
  • Email transfer to

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