What about socialization?

This is a very common concern from people inside and outside the home education world. Socialization can happen in a variety of ways from interacting with siblings to participating in community activities and sports programs. Many home educated children interact more frequently with people of all ages in different real life settings. HENB recommends connecting with other home educating families in your area to form co-ops, to regularly meet to study a specific subject area or to attend your local chapter‘s field trips.  All of these opportunities provides your child with ample time to be socialized. Read more at http://www.hslda.ca/faq?&_redirectnonsecure=true#faq4

Do I need to provide test scores or documentation?

No, all home educating family in NB currently do not have to provide any specific test scores or portfolios to the local school district. It is highly recommended though to keep a portfolio with all of your child’s work (along with the corresponding dates).  Many home educating families in the province create a photo book, plan a grandparent’s day or host an annual celebration night where students can showcase and celebrate what they have learned during the past year.

Where do I find curriculum?

  • See Curriculum Supplies for NB home education companies
  • Locally, places such as bookstores and teacher supply stores and libraries
  • Check out our amazing Used Curriculum Portal (available to HENB members only)
  • HENB hosts a Used Curriculum Sale every Friday afternoon at the annual HENB Conference
  • The internet is another great choice

Do I need to have curriculum set and ready to go before I begin home educating?

No. In fact it is often a good idea to spend some time figuring out how you and your student work best and then find supplies and curriculum that fits your style. There are plenty of learning opportunities and resources available through libraries and the internet so don’t worry if you do not have a big full curriculum right away; you can conveniently learn along the way.

Do I need a college degree to home educate?

No, all that is required is that you are the parent.

When can I withdraw my kids from school?

Anytime. Once you have taken your child out of school, you need to notify your local school district and sign the home education waiver form from the district office

At what age do I need to start reporting my children as home educated to the school district?

New Brunswick requires that children turning 5 should be formally educated.  It is highly recommended to sign the waiver form annually from the year your child turns five.

How much does homeschooling cost?

As much or as little as you like. There are plenty of high cost options such as ticket performances, music lessons or specialized curriculum packages but there are also many low cost options as well. Depending on the materials you choose, home educating can be inexpensive or cost a great deal. There are many websites and blogs that focus on “home educating on a budget.”  Also, don’t forget to check out our Used Curriculum Portal (available to HENB members only) to help you save some costs.

How do I advertise with HENB?

Having advertisers for our site or Annual Conference helps us be able to offer more services to our members.  For information on advertisers on our website, to purchase a vendor table at the annual HENB Conference or to advertise in our conference package, please contact us.

Do I need to continue to report my child to the school district even after the child reaches the age of 18?

No.  Waiver forms are only asked to be completed until age 18

What about graduation requirements and documentation?

New Brunswick home educators are able to create and follow their own graduation requirements. It’s important to keep in mind that families that home educate do not have a central office where records of the student’s work are kept on file for future reference– this responsibility lies with the parent, and later in life, the child. Having several copies of transcripts and diplomas for students who may need them in the future is highly recommended.