homeschool-2Your Rights

By law, home education in New Brunswick is every parent’s right. And, you don’t have to hold a teacher certification or be a college graduate to do it. There are no reporting or annual testing requirements in NB at this time. Read more at

At no time should any district representatives contact you for a home visit.  If this occurs, please contact us as well as the Home School Legal Defence Association (HSLDA) immediately.

Your Responsibilities

Annually, a family that chooses to register with the province would send a form to their local school district stating that they are taking full responsibility for the education of their children. Unless there is some reason for concern, the district office then forwards the form to the Minister of Education. He sends the family a signed letter stating they have permission to home educate for that current year.

Legal Protection

A membership with the Home School Legal Defence Association of Canada (HSLDA) is highly recommended as a low-cost method of obtaining quality legal defence as well as a liability insurance policy (at no additional cost) which covers many of your own family’s home education activities and events you organize in service to other home educators. Read more at our HSLDA page or at