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Education/Job Fairs in New Brunswick

AARAO’s mandate is to promote communication and exchange of information of the functions associated with the Offices of Registry and Admissions such as recruitment, admissions, registration, records and other closely related functions within the university community.


Home-Schooling in the United States: 2012 (American Institutes for Research)

This report provides estimates of the number, percentage, and characteristics of home schooled students in the United States in 2012 and provides historical context by showing overall estimates of homeschooling in the United States since 1999..


Home-Schooling in Canada: The Current Picture – 2015 Edition (Deani A. Neven Van Pelt)

More Canadian parents opting for home schooling their children; 29% increase between 2007 and 2012



Home-Schooled Teens Ripe for College (Kelsey Sheehy)

Myths about unsocialized home-schoolers are false, and most are well prepared for college, experts say.


Under Pressure:  Peace for the Driven Homeschool Parent (Jeannie Fulbright)

God longs for us to be led by faith, by His gentle Holy Spirit who would not have us weary and exhausted



Gum-on-shoeArguing to Make It Stick (Dr. Jay Wile)

This kind of activity will engage their minds in a way that no other educational activity ever will



10220-boy looking at coins in jar .400w.tnHomeschooling and Frugal Living: A Perfect Match (Bonnie Rose Hudson)

Our kids have really learned how to prioritize their time, how to juggle a lot of balls. There is no way they could do everything if they hadn’t started learning how at a younger age

Bye_GravestoneA Matter of Life and Death (Sharon Duncan)

In a matter of seconds, our lives can change, and knowing how to stay calm and respond
to an emergency can mean the difference between a tragic ending or an exciting story


teaching englishWho Will Teach These Children?  10 Reasons Why it Should Be You! (Deborah Wuehler)

If Godly children are the answer to the evils of the future, then Godly parents are the answer to the question of who will teach them


04 role modelsBiblical Role Models (Cathy Diez-Luckie)

While we as parents give our children important character lessons that will influence their lives, many individuals who have modeled the humility and perseverance of Christ through countless trials and temptations can serve as excellent role models for our children to learn from


Woman reading a bookWhat Would Happen if You Did Not Teach Your Children to Read? (Pat Wesolowski)

One year I made the decision not to teach my youngest two children to read



07 preschoolerWhat to Do With Your Littlest Preschoolers (Kendra Fletcher)

Breathe. Look to Jesus. Cup a little chin in your hand and direct it to Jesus, too, because the sooner our little ones get into the habit of turning to Jesus, the better



09 musicModern Technology Makes Music Education Easily Accessible to Homeschoolers (Eric Michael Roberts)

Digital technology is changing the way we learn and play our instruments and has made learning to play an instrument affordable and accessible to every homeschool student


10 artLearning Art from a Distance (Timothy Chambers)

Many subjects, such as math, literature, writing, and science, offer a fairly easy methodology for teaching. However, art, being more abstract and subjective in nature, can present a daunting dilemma when it comes to choosing a path of instruction

11 collegeCollege Credit for Homeschoolers with the AP Computer Science Exam (Chris Yust)

Whether you sign up for an AP course or plan your own self-study with a quality textbook, participating in the AP process and scoring well on the exam can be a rewarding effort


How to Do a Nature Journal (Karen Andreola)

Once Nature Study has made its appeal and you awaken to its offerings, you may decide that one day a week isn’t time enough to observe and appreciate


15 yoga matGrab Your Mat; It’s Rest Time! (Kendra Fletcher)

As a homeschooling mom who has gone before you, may I gently implore you to take some time off? It may be just a few minutes, an hour with a good book, or a weekend alone to take a breath and think, but time off from the 24/7 demands of homeschooling is essential to your physical health, the health of your marriage, and the health of your family as a whole.

dream teamEntrepreneurship Education–This Summer (Andrew Pudewa)

Starting and operating a micro-business is a superb way for young people to apply the knowledge and ability they acquire through their academic studies, as well as to develop many non-academic but supremely useful life skills, including planning, budgeting, designing, scheduling, presentation & organization!

17 revolutionThe American Revolution: Our Literary Legacy (Rea Berg)

The best stories in the world involve conflict, adventure, danger, great bravery, romance (in the literary sense), catharsis, and redemption. Often some of the best stories are fictional and provide us with insight into our world and ourselves through the imagination. The thrilling reality about America’s story is that it contains all of these elements, and yet, the stories are true. Enjoy exploring our rich historical legacy with your children today.

17 learning5 Ds of Learning for All: Gifted, Special Needs, and Average (Jessica Hulcy)

All children respond to the hands-on of doing, the wonder of discovery, the memory of drama, the expression of dialogue, and the summary a drill provides


18 liar liarLiar! Liar! (Mark Hamby)

Liar! Liar! Pants on fire! This childhood taunt was targeted at me more times than I’d like to remember. But lying can do much more damage than this jeer suggests. The tongue can cause great harm, just as a spark can set an entire forest ablaze! A lying tongue, one of seven sins that the Lord hates, is an abomination to Him! Why, then, do believers lie?

20 schoolHomeschooling Our Two Giggly Girls! (Stefanie Smith)

I would have never imagined in a million years that I would become a homeschooler. I have a degree in elementary education and have taught a lot of other people’s children. It’s a great job. I loved seeing the “light bulb” moments in all of those little faces.

21 volcanoHow an Ancient Italian Volcano Changed America (Amy Barr)

Our nation’s Founding Fathers drew inspiration from the Classical world, but what brought Roman ideals to the fore in the late 1700s?